Monday, May 27, 2013

100% Middle Earth

I've been busy working, following tweets and trolling the New Zealand websites for information on whether or not The Hobbit 2: Desolation of Smaug will follow The Lord of the Rings' 'tradition' and have another premiere in Wellington.

Fan made poster of Desolation of Smaug featuring the White Council. 
Quite professionally done, I must say. Nice! 

As in, the LOTR series had both Fellowship of the Ring and Return of the King's world premiere in Wellington. And the second film, The Two Towers, although it's not the world premiere, they had another premiere in Wellington as well. Thus, being the second film of The Hobbit trilogy, I am hopeful. Coz'... 


That's gonna be end of this year anyways. So I have been excitedly reading up on movie premieres, etc.  (I'm a newbie to these stuff ^^;) Will make a special post soon on movie premieres soon. Hehe. I happened to came across the New Zealand's official website for The Hobbit, it's slightly different from the international one. Particularly the 'Special Features' section. They have stuff like: 

Next up, updates from The Hobbit's cast on Twitter:

Sounds like great fun! I will give anything to have these Dwarves over for a meal. =X

A tweet yesterday from Jed, answering a fan's question on what makes him laugh. And he mentioned Martin. =X I just love how Martin seems to be able to make everyone laugh. <3 

Lastly, the lovely Amanda has also tweeted to wish Martin's older brother, Jamie, a Happy Birthday. :) And she had also changed her profile pic back to the one of her and Martin. Hmm, has Martin finally flown to New Zealand?