Monday, May 20, 2013

Can't think of anything new to post...

With Martin filming pickups for The Hobbit in New Zealand, there isn't much news of him to post about. =/ At least not from work. I will make more posts tonight instead. Maybe even get down to making that video I have been wanting to make of Martin. But you know, it's easier said than done. -.-'''

Anyways, ventured over to South Korean, Italian and French websites. Managed to come up with some interesting photos of Martin which I have not seen before (Yeah, I know I'm slow...).

These following three are from Martin's Fanpop site, including the one above. I really like how the original creator used colors for each of the photos. Check out the gallery here: My fave is the first one where there is 'M' in the middle. Love the overall mood of it. Should take some inspirations from them. Hehe. 

For some reason, I dislike pictures of Martin in black & white. Colors suits him better. :P
These three is a photoshoot done by Karma Creative

These are from the very recent BAFTAs TV award. The one directly below was very briefly used as Amanda as her display pic on her Twitter account. It's sweet. =)

Thanks to this photo of Martin arriving at the BAFTAS TV Awards,
I think that's a white iPhone he is holding in his hand? =X
Ok, back to work for now. Two more hours to go. =P