Saturday, May 18, 2013

Following the tweets~

An update from Adam Brown a.k.a. Ori's Twitter account: @BrownAds, the Hobbit casts are currently stopping over at LAX airport on the way to New Zealand. =)) And yes, I think Martin is amongst the The Hobbit cast in LAX airport right now. <3

My 'supporting' evidence and 'deduction' after the jump. =X 

Supporting 'evidence' is as tweeted by @simonpegg, Simon is 'known' to be having a "#ff" a.k.a. "FollowFriday", a 'customary' Friday activity, with Nick Frost, Eddie Marsan, Simon Pegg, Edgar Wright and in place of Martin, and I quote, "in lieu of little Martin", was Amanda  in London. (Sounds like a fun night out) Lol. The fact that Simon calls Martin "little Martin". xD The fact that Martin is supposed to have a drink with Edgar Wright and rest of the cast, further confirms my 'suspicions' of Edgar bringing the world premiere of The World's End has something to do with Martin.

 A fan's snapshot of Martin on the set of The World's End

Coming right up is the 3rd and last part of Martin's style before I go out to watch Star Trek Into Darkness with my boy. Let's see if I can squeeze that Nativity! post in before that.(I got my boyfriend to sit down with me to watch it again last night and he enjoyed it. Hehe. :)) I have yet to have my brunch. =/