Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Hobbit Japanese Press Conference

I was supposed to be 'working' on this 'meaningful' post for my blog last night. In the end, I lost myself in downloading all my favourite YouTube videos of Martin-related interviews from Keepvid onto my Note 10.1.

I shall state, for the record that, I downloaded those interviews for my own viewing pleasure only. Reason being, for one, I'm like sharing my wifi with my Mom, my kid bro as well as our domestic helper. It's super slow when you need to skip ahead and wait for the video to load...  -.-''' Nope, I have yet to upgrade to Fibre. I'll consider that option soon. =/

The Hobbit's Japanese Press Conference had became a new favourite interview of mine. Save for the parts of the Japanese translation, I love the contents of the interview. And part 4 of the conference had became my favourite because of this particular moment~ <3

Martin's 'mischievous' face, is priceless! And the way Richard sort of 'shrunk' away from him. Lol. 

The YouTube link to the press conference part 1-5 is after the jump. :)