Thursday, May 2, 2013

Martin Freeman in Singapore's F*** Magazine

Okay, posting a quick one before diving back into work. I was having a bad day earlier this week and I was flipping through a local movie magazine - F*** (Film.Fame.Fact). The minute I saw his face, I swore, my bad day just went poof! Serious!

Oh, Martin, I can't tell you how much you made my life happier just by being you. <3

On the side note: Singapore's magazines seldom have the chance to invite Hollywood celebrities in for a photoshoot of their own. So, most of the pictures they used are actually from other magazine sources. Well, I love this one they chosen though! In fact, this magazine is considered to be the only real decent local magazine that focused on the movie news. The quality of the magazine print is good and the contents are rich. So is the creative play in some of the magazine section's titles. Well, I guess there's no choice since Singapore is such a tiny dot on the map. Oh well. *Shrugs*

Also in the magazine was a special feature on Star Trek Into Darkness and an interview with Peter Jackson on the release of The Hobbit on DVD and Blu-Ray. 

It's kinda sad somehow because Benedict Cumberbatch only got one single page of feature whilst Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto gets so much more. I have to admit though, they are more well known in our part of the world. But in my heart, both Ben and Martin are the popular ones. =3

I hope you will be able to read the interview... Tried my best to scan it right. ^^; Right-click on the image and open in new tab/window for a larger view though. And if anyone is interested in getting a copy of this magazine, I can help with it. Just drop me a comment or e-mail. =) Meanwhile, I will try to scan the The Hobbit issue of this magazine tomorrow.