Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So... Little Martin's still shooting Sherlock in the UK...

Photo Credit: @waynehowes

The Baker St Babes (@BakerStBabes), Sherlockians, Cumberbitches, Freebitches (like me) and many more are going crazy on Twitter. Apparently, Benedict and Martin are still shooting Sherlock as of 21st May. Here's a pic of Martin with a cute little moustache. =X I think it's fake moustache though coz' he wasn't sporting one in other scenes, so. ^^;

Credit: @Cumberbatched. Thanks for allowing me to post on my blog! :)
 View more pictures of Benedict at her Tumblr (This is the only pic of Martin by the way): 

A fan (@AbbyYolda) spotted them at St. James' Park yesterday as well:

Damn, I wish I live in the UK. =/ 

 Photo Credit: @waynehowes

Photo Credit: @waynehowes. Taken at St James' Park.

Love his expression. Wonder what's so funny. xD

These 4 photos are actually out of the 76 HQ pictures taken on the Sherlock set. They can be download ed here: 

I'm only concern about the Martin 'bits'. =X