Friday, June 7, 2013

*Updated* It's Friday already! Let's do something fun~ xD

We've reached yet another Friday. This week's seemingly been a rather short week for me. Anyways, aren't we all glad it's already Friday. Anyways, a few days ago I was bored and I got down to do some photoshop manipulation. Basically, just putting Martin's face on movie characters that seems 'fitting'. =X

Here's one of Martin in Johnny Depp's Willy Wonka 'gear'. I don't know why but Martin seems to be real suitable in exaggerated shades and clothes ^^;

David Thewlis' Professor Lupin has been one of my favourite character from the Harry Potter series. With the scars and the one, I think Martin looks quite fitting in the get-up. =X


This is one I did for a fellow forum member in the Chinese Martin Freeman forum which I have been 'loitering about' lately. She is a fan of both Martin and Alan Rickman's Professor Snape. Hehe. 

I personally quite like this one. Yet another request from a fellow forum fan. I think it makes Martin looks all cool and manly~ The 'body' I am using actually belongs to one of the character from the game Call of Duty. 

We all know Martin doesn't drive. So one of the fans wanted to see him driving, thus this pic ish borned. Lookin' yet again so manly and cool~ <3

Ok, this looks weird... Another request from a fellow forum member, luckily she's happy with the outcome... ^^; I'm still looking for request so if you have any specific character get-ups you like to see Martin in or with any other actors, send in your request to or leave a comment after this post. =) I will be happy to oblige! Just nothing discriminating or offensive. ^^; Thanks. 

This one's a request to photoshop her 'god', Martin and 'goddess', Anne Hathaway together. After some research, I deem it fitting to photoshop them into this Breakfast At Tiffany's pic I found. =))

Others I did includes one of Benedict and Richard:-

I think Benedict will make a real sexy vampire, don't you agree? Benedict's 'head' is on Stephen Moyer's Bill Compton body in this pic. =P

I particularly like this one, the fact that Richard looks like Hugh Jackman and his face just seems to fit so well onto Hugh's Wolverine and many of Hugh's other characters. 

P/S: Your request may not only be limited to Martin, can be another other actors from The Hobbit or Sherlock. =) As long as it's related to Martin in a way. ^_^