Monday, June 10, 2013

My 100th Blog Post + It's Monday Eye Candy - Martin for You

Hope everyone has a great weekend! I didn't have a good weekend though. I was 'recalled' back to work for some 14 hours, photoshopping like 50 photos of military items. -.+''' Did I mention that there're undies, socks...etc.

Anyways, enough whining. This marks my 100th blog post. Enjoy your Monday 'eye candy'. =X


Striking a post with 221B lamp post~ 

Nice hair~

Like a Sir. =X Love his top. <3

Never seen him smoke before but I have to say, he looks manly when he smokes. =X

Happened to watch Nightwatching the other night, I didn't finished the entire show, just the beginning and the ending, was doing a favour for one of my fellow forum fan. I have to say from what I watched, once again, I felt I have fell in love with Martin all over again, as an actor. Brilliant, brilliant, actor, our dear Martin. <3 Will do a post on Nightwatching after I get to it. I foresee it to be a 'Mature'-rated post. =X