Friday, July 12, 2013

I can't breathe!!!

I was halfway through writing this post when 'something' happened that left me breathless, with an elevated heartbeat! Now, this 'something' is going to push the original post downward because, I MUST get it off my chest!!!

So, I started following Hayden ever since discovering that pic on his Twitter the other day. I have always thought he seems like a cool and really fun guy, before I know it, I'm like adding almost all of his new tweets as favourite. Taking a moment to stop myself from becoming a crazy stalker fan, I thought I should 'apologise' for my actions... 

And he replied!!! This reply, just sent my heart rate flying and I can't breathe! The fact that Hayden used the words 'such a passionate Martin lover' + 'he has got some amazing measurements'. And, the thought of maybe there's a chance Martin will be reading it, is just too much for me! OMG! Now, I'm avoiding Twitter, because I don't think I can face another reply from Hayden. Just... O-M-G... I can't continue anymore, I need to breathe. Below onwards are some other updates from the gang on Twitter which I had written earlier on before this 'thing' happened and make me forget how to breathe normally... 

Read between the lines~ That's what I have been doing to find out news on Martin in New Zealand. ^^; 

Obviously, the 'dude with the exact same dimensions' Hayden is talking about here, is Martin. And yes, he will be at The World's End's premiere tomorrow as well! So is Graham. It's just so sweet, the support they give. The guys will be there at the premiere in force according to him. =)

Yup, Edgar's flying to NZ as we speak:

The Embassy Theatre has also sold out all their tix to The World's End premiere tomorrow as well:

Then, we have a 'rare mention' of Benedict on the set of The Hobbit. I don't follow Benedict's news so much but I seldom see any mention of his name from the rest of The Hobbit cast. Anyways, can't wait to see Benedict walking the red carpet of The Hobbit in December! The Hobbit and Smaug on the red carpet, posing for pictures together. What a feast for the eyes~ <3

And I heard he will be walking the red carpet too for The World's End's premiere. Our hopes of seeing him and Martin walk the red carpet may come true even sooner - tomorrow! *_* Tomorrow's the day!!!

Meanwhile, weather's still bad in Wellington. Hope it clears up for tomorrow! 

Anddddd, looks like it's two more weeks to go for The Hobbit's pickup shooting. I wonder if PJ will post up something to mention Martin's last day on set. 

Also posted on Facebook by John Callen, another 'family' pic with the lads. That's what PJ does, bringing everyone together. =) And, am I glad that Martin has became one of them.