Sunday, July 14, 2013

The World's End Aftermath

Martin's eyes looks so big in this one! With Nick as the backdrop. =P

It's a brand new day. Man, I seriously don't know where to start. All the excitement from yesterday's premiere had kept my adrenaline running all the way till 2 a.m., I couldn't sleep... I can only say it's the power of Martin. >D

A rather nice photos of the gang with PJ. Full article from source:

According to my friend on Twitter who got to be at the premiere, they left pretty soon from the movie to the after-party: 

Apparently to this place call 'Daddy O':

Apparently this lady, who was the reporter covering the event live from 3news Entertainment, who also got Benedict's last name wrong was also there... Damn.. 

Her tweet on PJ's description of Edgar: 

Here's another lucky fan who managed to get a pic and autograph from Martin. Also, check out her comment on Benedict's cheekbones... Ooohh...

*UPDATE* Just uploaded from the friend mentioned above. Martin's autograph and some pics of Benedict and Richard from this friend! Her pic of Martin will only be uploaded next Tuesday though. It's okay I'll wait~ 

She managed to find a 'sneaky' pic of Martin afterall. That's her on the right. A BIG thanks to her for sharing. ;)

And looks like the cast are still gonna be in New Zealand for a day of interviews before heading off and have all tweeted about the wonderful night they have at the premiere:

One more pic of Simon at the premiere:

And yes, if you see this red panda, it belongs to Simon... 

And according to The Embassy Theatre, they will have more pics today or on Monday. Can't wait!

The Dwarves has also tweeted about the event: 

Along with another 'masterpiece' of his using Vine, starring Adam Brown... ^^;

Although, Adam and Jed did not tweet about the 'aftermath' of the event but they have both tweeted about the event previously: 

And in case you did not spot Katie, here she is: 

Hayden as well, dear oh dear Hayden, a really cute and friendly guy:

Looks like great fun with all the partying! And yes, the movie I watched last night was Pacific Rim. Really really awesome movie. It's like Gundam meet Ghost in the Shell (for the armor) meet Godzilla.

Some more pic of the charming Richard Armitage and Graham! Richard is just oozing so much charm... And Graham, looking so smart!

Btw, the lady is the British High Commissioner to New Zealand. 

Lastly, it's really farewell to dearest Martin in New Zealand. And also heard that during PJ's speech on the stage, he was teary-eyed when he talked about Martin wrapping up his shots for the pickup shootings. ;_; Hope to see him back in December!!! 

But the Dwarves will be there till the very end for another two weeks: 

I shall end this with a vid I found of a secret recording at the opening speech at premiere last night. I think this is where Martin's 'don't mock me from behind' came about. I reuploaded it from a Chinese video sharing website. I do not know who is the person who originally uploaded this. If you are him/her, please let me know so I can credit you. And yup, 2 more pics of him at the premiere. ^^