Sunday, July 14, 2013

The World's End NZ Premiere Opening Speech Transcript

This the transcript from the recording of The World's End's NZ premiere's opening speech. A really really appreciated effort from my friend who attended the event last night. Along with the transcript is some of her very own thoughts while attending the event. Enjoy. =) If you will like to re-share it, all you have to do is link my blog as the source. Thank you. 

I was at the premiere of The World’s End, sitting right up front in row B, only two rows from the giant Embassy screen. This also gave me a fairly close view of the VIPS who gave speeches at the beginning of the evening before the movie started – as the podium was just up to our left. The speeches were short and sweet, and very, very, well received. Those of us in the front three rows much appreciated Nick Frost singling us out during his speech!

This transcript is of someone else’s video but I’ve also added in what I can remember of the event where the recording is indistinct. It’s a shame the initial speech by Sir Peter Jackson is missing from the source video as he said some nice things about Martin - along with some fun things about Simon Pegg, Nick Frost and Edgar Wright, which showed what a long standing connection they have to Sir Peter and Wellington.

Finally, Edgar Wright told us he’d come and get us if we told you anything too much about the film…but it’s very funny.  I think he wouldn’t mind me saying that.

Pamela Rogers (@prwelly on Twitter)

The World’s End international premiere:
Embassy Theatre Wellington, New Zealand – Saturday, 13 July 2013

Speeches by Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, Martin Freeman and Nick Frost (Video is missing introduction by Sir Peter Jackson, and initial part of speech by Edgar Wright, the director of The World’s End)

Edgar Wright:
So, what I’m basically saying is that the film is half -Kiwi. You can claim it as your own by only fifty percent!

[finishing his story on the genesis of the film – which he first thought about when visiting New Zealand to promote Hot Fuzz – and completed the outline in Sydney – hence half-Kiwi/half-Aussie in its inception].

EW: I’d like to introduce you to my co-writer, and star Mr Simon Pegg [hearty applause]

Simon Pegg:
[Quietly] Thanks, thanks…. Thanks, everybody.

Ah, 17 years ago I did a month long season here at the Bats theatre. Did anybody see it? [smattering of yes’s]. Yeah, right!  Thank you. That’s good to know. [Laughs].

It’s amazing to come back here to Wellington and be premiering this movie; it’s an extraordinary thing. I love this town. It’s no small wonder that we are happy to be here so thank you for coming. I am not going to talk for long.

I am going to hand over to Nick and maybe, Martin, if he wants to. [Turns to Martin]…want anything to say Martin?

[Martin shrugs ‘yeah’].

Glumb, glump – [mimicking Martin]. Thank you so much, and I can’t wait for you all to see this.

Martin Freeman:
I’ll go next, as for some reason Nick wants top billing! But he hasn’t done his time in the trenches the way I have in New Zealand so judge for yourselves as to whether it’s justified as to whether he goes last.

[Generous audience laughs] (Bit of dialogue is muffled and indistinct).

As Peter said, I finished on The Hobbit yesterday. That’s been an amazing thing. It’s an amazing thing being here tonight. I have not seen this film either, so I am in the same boat as all of you. I’m really looking forward to it; I had a fantastic time with friends and colleagues.

Um, it’s my third go around the clock with it. And it was a thoroughly…[stops to look behind him where the others are making faces].Don’t mock me from behind!! [Big laughs from audience].

Nick Frost interrupts:
Are we friends or colleagues?!

Martin Freeman:
I consider you both friends and colleagues. Folleagues.  Ah, yes, um, I hope you really enjoy it. Thanks for being really good to me over the last five and a half…decades [audience laughs]. And I’ll see you soon. Here is Nick Frost…

Nick Frost:
It’s lovely to be here with my friends and a man I worked with once! You guys in the front [turns to look at front three rows where I was sitting] are going to need eye and ear surgery after this.

So, there are bandages available in the foyer! [said in a public announcement style!].

I wanted to say thank you. Um, you are all so good to us when we come here. We get a lot of people saying, “Oh, y’know you go to Australia then y’know you come to New Zealand, it’s amazing?!”. But why wouldn’t you? It seems so obvious. Come all the way and not come to New Zealand!

So, I have family here. I have family and friends here tonight so it feels it is a real international premiere.

And Peter and Fran and Philippa are always so good to us. They always roll out the red carpet; and it always makes us feel part of the family so thank you. And thank you for having us.

Now, a lot of journalists keep saying to us, “Now, is this it, is this it for the three of you?” And it gives me the chance to do my Winston Churchill impression, which I love doing but I sense at times it might bore you. But I think Winston Churchill said it best [affects Winston Churchill voice and stance]: This is not the end, this is not the beginning of the end, but it is the end of the beginning.”

Ladies and gentleman, give it up for The World’s End… [Laughs, applause, hoots etc]