Thursday, August 22, 2013

221B Gower Street

Yes, setlock is taking place at Gower Street, London today! Quite a few of my Twitter friends have already reached the location!

Word has it that filming will start around afternoon 4 p.m. later today. It's about 9.15 a.m. over in London right now. 4 p.m. means around 11 p.m. for Singapore. I'm ready for the chase! Even Amanda's excited!

Oh yes, it's gonna be a HUGE day!

Everyone's talking about it: 

The very first photo has already surface! The crew is putting up the 221B sign for the day's shoot:

As usual, I will be following and consolidating all the pictures from setlock today! Stay tune! 


I apologize for not crediting the source of these photos properly. I did not take any of these pictures, I'm merely consolidating them into one post for easier viewing. All credits goes to those fans who stood out in the sun for hours to get the pictures.

The famous door:

The security is so nice to let fans take pictures with the famous 221B door! 

The crowd... Wow: 

They've just put up the Baker Street sign!

I'm back! Home actually! Less than 3 hours till the start of filming! Just look at the growing crowd!

And someone seems to have found the base where they park the trailers - Cardington Street. You can see Moffat there:

Here's Rich Johnston from 'recruiting' my friend as the 'Senior Setlock Correspondent' for the day... 

The crew are starting to unload: 

Ahhh, all the excitement!! It's slowly happening!

There's the ever friendly Mark Gatiss with fans!! In baby blue printed tee today!

Steven and Mark:

Here's one of Mark, Steven and Sue, they have arrived:

Mark and Steven going into Speedy's: 

Wow, look at the tiny little humans from the top:

Here's Martin~~~ He's going to his trailer now. 

And Benedict getting into a car: 

Followed by Martin~ <3

He contributed the photo to BBC News... 

Look at the swag!

No, wait, your face, Martin! It's always your face!!!

Amanda's also on her way over. Hmm, why didn't she go together with Martin? =/

And she just replied me as well! 

Here's Mark chillin' at the VIP pen!

With the crowd as his backdrop!

I need to see a picture of this!!!

Fans who can't be on set are literally dying... Here's Benedict talking to the lucky fans on set!

Benedict is holding a sign about politics and democracy to the fans: 

Silly face?! I need to see this now!!!

The lovely Amanda has arrived!

What a hug!

I want a five too! >_< 

My friend with Amanda! Such a beautiful pic! <3

Another one with fan, such a sweet smile: 

They are filming now! I'll give anything to be there to watch and listen to Martin call out, 'Sherlock.' T_T


Don't we all know... My heart is weeping and tearing itself up inside not being able to be on set... T_T

Aww, the nose... <3

Aww, will you look at that! Sitting and smiling together! Having a little break now:

And I know I posted this on top earlier but it's NOT from today's filming. An old pic. But here it is, enjoy... =X

Little Martin's also talking to fans during their break. I just want to steal him away from the crowd... Can I?? 

More high-res pics from here: 

Please, just kill me before I drown in my tears... 

Oh, Martin~

Stab me right here now, here, on my heart... 

They've been shooting the same scene over and over for almost 2 hours now. 

Benedict coming over to say hi to the fans again: 

Looks like they are ready for the next scene: 

Lars is also filming with them today!!!

Some men in grey emerging from 221B... 


John and Sherlock leaving 221B:

Another message.... He's addicted I tell you... So are the fans... 

Damn, look at how proud he looks!

It's almost 1.30 a.m. over here now... According to Amanda, they are shooting till 9p.m... Goodbye my sleep....



Man with white beard, thinks he lives next door to Sherlock: 

Another break now?

I was about to call it a day when I saw this... 

Martin, erm, can you rearrange your face?

They are filming again: 

Benedict with Sue Vertue:

What are you doing, Benny? -.-''' Isn't Martin right in front of you? =X

Are they going to kiss....? *Heart racing*

Whatever these two are plotting... That smile on Steven's lips... Be afraid... Be very afraid... 

My Twitter friend with Mark Gatiss: 

Martin just signed a fan's arm!

Can we call this the public display of affection??? 

I want a five too!!! *Raises a five*

Whew, I guess that's a wrap! (Otherwise, I won't be able to sleep tonight! 3a.m. over here now). Here's Benedict signing the last of autographs for fans!

Those rare blue eyessss!!!! Well captured!

*Waves* T_T

A tweet from Sue Vertue. She was on set today as well: 

And the amazing Amanda: 

Here are some videos from setlock:

Meanwhile, setlock today made it to the news again: 

Full article:

What a day! Many precious pictures! Alright time for sleep! Wow, that's a really long post! May split into two parts tomorrow. Nights for now!

***UPDATE: Just heard from a friend that they are filming right now. No one's gone to the location coz' of the ungodly hour of 4am - 6am. Lucky for me. Thank God. I don't think I can handle another night of such level of excitement!

***Special thanks to @Genydee for linking my post on her Tumblr! More pics on her side:

Sounds like she's sick. Hope she gets well soon! 

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