Friday, August 23, 2013

A Quick Update on the Dwarves

It's all been the hype about setlock lately... The Hobbit's side is rather quiet. I wonder what's taking PJ so long on the new video blog... 

Nothing much happening but our Twitter Bunny, Mr. Graham McTavish is currently in London with Adam Brown, Aidan Turner and Jimmy Nesbitt:

So nice to see them together. =) 

And Adam also had a chat on Skype with Stephen who is all the way over in Australia:

I heard from my friend in New Zealand that they actually get Panadol over there. Funny how Stephen don't get Marmite in Australia... Maybe I should start sending him some... =X

Meanwhile, I was all dizzy from the lack of sleep yesterday after the setlock chase, so I asked Master Graham for a headbutt. And yes, he replied. xD

Really hope we get to see that new video blog soon! I shall end here with a really cute trailer of The Desolation of Smaug in Lego which Luke had a laugh at his character, Bard the Bowman. Lol. 

Read an article about it here: 


Alright, let's see if any setlock pics turn up laters. Have a great weekend everyone! ^_^

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