Monday, August 19, 2013

*UPDATED* Are the paps setlocked too? =X

Gotta love the paparazzi this time! I think they are setlocked too. Like us fans!

Please proceed with caution if you do not want any spoilers. Coz' I must say it's rather 'action-packed'!

Filming was at Bute Street, Cardiff yesterday, here's the crew setting up: 

Here's Martin touching up! Damn, I wanna be that brush... >_<

A pic of Martin with a pretty fan on set:

Ahhh, so many lucky fans! >_<

I'm gonna put this one here, this is the building where they filmed. The exact location is an University at Bute Street, Cardiff. This is where all the 'action' starts, you can see a tiny Benedict emerging from it shortly after touching up his makeup. According to fans on location, spoilers here, highlight to view: Apparently Sherlock is undercover

Followed by Martin, another fan photo: 

And he landed. If you ask me, Benedict seems to be on the run again... With the stubble and all. 

Lol, love this pic! Aww, the adorable smile from Martin~ And what expression is that, Benny?! 

Heard that he is constantly playing imaginary drums on set. Such a cutie... <3

Amanda getting ready for her scene: 

Mary seems to be helping Sherlock make an escape. I just love this picture. Amanda's Mary's on the wheels whilst Martin's in the passenger's seat. I don't know why but I find this picture cute. Hehe. 

A tweet after her day of filming:

Can't wait to see her Mary in action! Seems like she's an important part of the series now. <3

Hmm, Mark doesn't seems to be smiling at all... Must be the paps... =/ 

He tweeted this earlier on Saturday. Not sure if it's related: 

Good to also see some pics of Rupert's Lestrade! From this point on, they are mostly photos from fans. =) 

They shifted the filming into the University, so no pictures after that: 

But it looks like Louise's Molly has wrapped after Sunday's shoot:

Luckily it's not forever. Thanks, Louise! See you coming Series 4! And hope to see more of Molly. 

Some more photos from the filming on August 17, Saturday, all photos credit to: 

So it seems there's an ambulance involved. Perhaps this is where the surgeon came in? I wonder who's hurt! >_<

There's our little Martin~ Also known as Watson the Hobbit. =X

Martin waiting patiently. 

Nice smile~ 

The lovely Molly: 

A lucky fan with Molly and Sherlock:

Some more from a fan's account on Tumblr here:

And ending with the recount of the lucky fan who met Martin last Saturday. Actually found her on Tumblr. Nooo... I'm so jealous! They got 3 photos with him! I don't even have one... ;_;

*Sigh* Anyways, gotta return to reality and go back to work for now. Happy set lock-ing! ^_^

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