Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Concerning Tauriel

In association with TheOneRing.Net, Evangeline Lilly answered fans questions yesterday on Twitter on her character - Tauriel. Here's the entire session in case you missed it. =)

It was morning when I got the e-mail from TheOneRing.Net on it. It came with the following drawing of Tauriel. It's nice and carries the message of 'girl power' across strongly but I find the arm too muscular and distracting... Just a personal opinion... ^^; 

Due to the difference in timezone, by the time I wake up for work, the session had ended for like a couple of hours... =/

I will love to include the original question from fans but I'm doing this at work so I'm trying to get this up as soon as possible. Well, I will say you can roughly guess the question in her answer. =)

I can already sense a flood of fanfictions featuring Tauriel coming our way judging by some the questions... 

And looks like we will be seeing Tauriel in the next two upcoming Hobbit movies: 

The other female elf warrior being Liv Tyler's Arwen? 

Again the ultimate trust and loyalty to the man, PJ:

I always thinks that if you have the choice to choose between Hobbiton and Lothl√≥rien, the difference in the choice will be: 

1) Hobbiton - You want a quiet, simple and comfortable life in the countryside. (Preferably with Wifi for me. =X)
2) Lothlórien - You want a rather posh and elegant life on top of a giant tree.

Ah, the 'smell' of another pairing coming up... I've already seen Tauriel being paired up with Legolas as well as Kili. The majestic and magnetic Thorin, eh? I will love to see her melt his 'oaken shield'. =P And we can also see that the cast and crew have all been sworn to 'secrecy' on the plot of the movie. There's only so much she can reveal. 

The 'fugitive' mentioned here is her part in the TV series 'Lost':

A comparison made between the island in Lost and Middle Earth: 

One can imagine Stephen Fry will be someone good to chat with!

Aww, and the replies from the Dwarves: 

The animal which Tauriel can be represented by: 

Naughty Jimmy Nesbit... Hehe.

And finally, we've reached the end: 

The lovely Evangeline also made a Top Ten list of this session for her fans on Facebook: 

Some 120+ days till the release of the movie. I'm tapping my foot impatiently. >_<

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