Saturday, August 17, 2013

*Updated* More Pictures: Have you 'setlock' today?

Some photos from setlock yesterday finally surfaced.

The phrase 'setlock' has became such a popular term and activities from fans who actually visited the filming location that they tweets made it to the news a couple of weeks ago:

Imagine seeing your tweets on the news... Perhaps this is why there aren't as many pictures lately from setlock? I mean I totally understand, what fun will it be if everything is already 'spoiled' before series 3 is even released? 

Anyways, mostly far shots but it's better than nothing I guess! Two days ago they are filming in Wales:

And they are going to be in Cardiff all the way till the Sept 1st:

*Update* Thanks to, we get to see some higher quality pictures from setlock!

I'm going to put them together with the rest of pictures below. Enjoy! ^_^

Here're the pictures . Credit to: @colseywolsey. Here's Martin looking great in the light colors! <3

Was quite disappointed initially coz' there no close up shot on his face. Oh well. But then I found this: 

Those dormant feelings of mine just came flooding back. Love the smile, the Fred Perry polo, the shades which seems new, basically EVERYTHING. 

Hmm, seldom seen Martin dressed so casually, perhaps he brought abit of New Zealand back with him? Nevertheless, he looks great~ <3

The smile, I'm smitten~ <3

There're also some rather far shots of Benedict as well:

This is Benedict... Always speaking for a good cause. ^^;

One of Mark Gatiss: 

So glad to also see pics of the lovely Amanda looking beautiful as always:

She's actually down with a cold. Not sure if she's visiting with Martin or her character's got scenes. Apparently there're some whining but she went anyways. ^^; Totally loving the new profile pic of hers:

Here's a conversation she had with her gal pal Rebecca Callard. She said it's 'bird flu' but of coz' she's just kidding... 

The conversation between these two, really cracks me up. Lol. Even though it may seems sarcastic but you see the love there. =)

Besides this, I think Martin took his family to the London Zoo the other day:

 Maybe she caught her cold there but isn't it Summer in the UK now? Hope she gets well soon! A conversation between the two 'Amandas'... Lol... xD

I bet they went to see hedgehogs and otters too. I imagine how Martin points out the hedgehogs to his children and saying, "Look, that's Daddy." And pointing out to the otters, he will say, "And that's Uncle Benny." =X

I think most of us prefer the new avatar... Haha!

And other tweet from Arwel with a pic of giraffe. Fans speculated it may be a Sherlock shoot at the zoo. But given no pics surfaced at all, I think not. 

That Justin Bieber fan didn't seem to let Amanda off. I think it's just Amanda being Amanda, being nice and lovely but she should just block that fan already. =/

Abit of spoilers here, read on if you dare. =X I've heard of a Tibetan monk for 'His Last Vow' and now it's a Chinese doctor played by a Jake Xu:

And, seems like IMDB has also added a time slot for the air date of the first episode of Sherlock Series 3 on October 31st. Hmm, awaiting official word on this: 

*Rubs hands together* If this is true, it means around alittle 2 months more to go till we get to see it! It matches my 'deduction' anyways. Well, hopefully it's true. ^^; I shall end here now. Going out today! It's the weekends! Great weekend, everyone! =D

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