Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's All About The 'Stache

Exactly 10 days later after the teaser, it's still about the 'stache~ I don't get why people wanted it removed. I do admit it's alittle distracting, like a hairy caterpillar on Martin's upper lip. =X

But from the previous photos we'd seen of Martin's Jawn on the bicycle, I think Jawn removed it after the return of Sherlock. =3 On a side note... Me and my friend kinda RP-ed the scene where Sherlock removed Jawn's 'stache by force... Ahem. Let's no deviate from the topic, I'll post the 'RP' tweets at the end of this post. =X

So, the teaser aired, Mark Gatiss took some cussing from some overly excited fans: 

And according to lucky fans who got to watch the teaser on BBC, Sherlock Series 3 should be airing in 3 months' time, November. Not too sure about that coz' no matter where I dig, no official word on the release date yet. So. *Shrugs*

Anyways! Continuing from where we left off on the pics of Martin's Jawn on a bicycle, also present for last Saturday's shoot was Mrs. Freeman, Rupert Graves and Mark Gatiss: 

While Steven Moffat 'stole' the attention on the following day, Sunday, with the announcement of the 12th Doctor, Sherlock basically went quiet from there. No pictures nothing, just a couple of tweets here and there. 

5th August, Monday, there was a interview with the composer of Sherlock - David Arnold: 

A snippet from the rather long article on analysing the soundtrack of Sherlock: 

And a tweet on Benedict from the set dresser, Joey Panna: 

Then a start of the following day, 6th August at the location, Splott, a district south of Cardiff: 

Still no photos, just a tweet from the post production studio working on Sherlock: 

I wonder who's that 'certain lead actor'. =X

They shifted the location to The Packet Hotel/Pub after that:

I have no idea on what John Hurt is doing there... 

A minor spoiler here from the fan on location:

An hour and a half later, they wrapped at The Packet pub: 

The very next day, a fan bumped into Mark who's staying at the same hotel: 

And he is, as tweeted by Arwel: 

Whatever they are shooting also requires the presence of Rupert and Una: 

But they left the following day while Mark stayed on in the studio for the next few days: 

We know Martin's there in Cardiff as well but no one seems to managed to get a pic of him... =/

A tweet from Louise... And no, dear, your tweet is not helping... We will also very much love to see S3... 

9th August, Friday, no filming on the day, just a number of tweets from Arwel on dressing the set of Sherlock and such starting with Jawn and Sherlock minions~ Aww~ <3


Ta-da~ Here's a sneak pic of the new set: 

Saturday, the very same fan who stayed in the same hotel, saw Louise as well: 

And Amanda's loving her job in Sherlock: 

No shooting for Sunday, 11th August, coz' we know Martin's doing publicity shoot for The Hobbit. 

And latest updates shows they should be heading to Gower Street next week: 

Heading as far as Pembrey village: 

It's like hush hush for over a week now. According to the article, fans had travelled as far as Germany to catch a glimpse of Benedict. So, let's see if some fans who are willing to travel to Pembrey to get us some pictures. We need to see some of them pics from #setlock~ Full article here: http://www.llanellistar.co.uk/Mystery-shrouds-Pembrey-Sherlock-stars-look-set/story-19624035-detail/story.html

Ending with a rather nice pic by a fan & a beautiful Johnlock fan video which I came across last week: 

It's beautiful. The words from Mycroft: "He is getting married, Sherlock. You need to let him go." Just makes you go 'awww'. Enjoy. =)

Oops, almost forgot, here're the 'RP' tweets. Just for laughs and entertainment purpose. =P This is how it started:

So we came to the 'conclusion' and decided to remove Jawn's 'stache:

There you go. How I miss those RP days of mine~ Everyone's 'Sher-locked'~ xP even this Canadian Dad I read about on fmylife.com:

Anndddd, really gonna end here with Amanda's answer to a fan's question on how she will describe Benedict in one word. Her answer's epic. And did I mention how she got into a disagreement with a Justin Bieber fan? Come on, that fan doesn't even stand a chance to win. Amanda Abbington, my role model. <3

I shall go back to work now. I felt like I had spent alot time on this post. ^^; I woke up to a rainy Tuesday morning today and almost didn't want to get out of bed. But the day turns out to be a great one so far! I will share more on a later post! Have a great day people~ 

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