Monday, September 16, 2013

Coming soon: Sherlock figures

Have you ever wish to own a pocket version of Jawn or Sherlock? Here's your chance!

Thanks to Big Chief Studios Limited, you can now pre-order these 1:6 scale (which is about 30 cm tall) Sherlock figures.  Be warned though, according to the Big Chief Studios' website, it's going to be a range of high-end collector figures, so expect them to be costly. Yup. 

Let's have a look at the figures. Here's Martin's Jawn:

Erm, good job on making this happen but can I give a little feedback? >_< The likeness is not quite there... =/ 

On a side note, can I just buy Jawn's shoes and walking stick seperately? They are just adorable! 

A pic of Martin with the guys from Big Chief Studios: 

Here's Sherlock: 

Again, love the shoes. <3

And here's Benny with the guys from Big Chief Studios: 

Looks like the guys from Big Chief Studios had fun on the set of Sherlock: 

And here's the ensemble of Jawn and Sherlock, complete with a cuppa tea in Jawn's hand and Sherlock's violin:

They are still making final adjustments to the figures as of yesterday. Looking quite good there, you ask me. Ooh, Jawn in his jeans. And just imagine the things fangirls are going to do with Sherlock in the purple shirt... =X

Not sure how many of these figurines will be produced but there will be 400 limited edition pieces signed by each of the actors - Martin and Benedict: 

Also signed by Benny is an art print of Sherlock, also on sale at the Big Chief Studios website: 

Other fantasic art prints are also available for order on Big Chief Studios' website here: 

To register your interest for the 1:6 Sherlock figures, go here: 

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