Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ask Me Anything: Benedict Cumberbatch on Reddit

Benny on social media answering fans' questions? This could be dangerous. Very dangerous... 

This special event happened last night. And was verified by The Fifth Estate's Twitter page that, it is Benny answering fans' questions on Reddit: 

Along with this pic of Benny: 

Well, let me correct that: Benny in a bathrobe and a cuppa of tea answering fans' questions on social media? It's a mass massacre. Butchering fangirls' ovaries mercilessly.  Anyways, I wouldn't have made a post on this but then I saw a fan asked a question concerning Martin. So here it is. ^_~ Source from the original Q&A page on Reddit here:

A fan commented on the answer below, imagine RDJ also being in the same room as Benny, it'll be so awkward: 

I like his answers. Honest, yet witty. =) 

Lol this one: 

These next two answers, let's just say I feel him. To be in the public eye and not being able to have some quiet time of his own. Being famous is a tough thing.

I think he did a great job as Sherlock. The comedic timing is of coz' perfect. Hope to see him with Simon Pegg in a comedy. Best to bring Martin in as well. =X

Yes, I will love to know too... 

'Cheekbone polishing parties' - Nice question. xD

Just in case, you're wondering. The drawing in question:

I would wonder about that hammer too... 

Which this answer: 

Finally... I blame myself for not finding an easier way to do this. Well, there you have it. All thirty-five questions. I hope I didn't miss any. Whilst the session is fun, Benny seems to be relaxed and giving decent answers but I wish there're more questions on Smaug. You can find out more on the top seven questions from this session here: 

Have a great weekend all! =D

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