Thursday, October 3, 2013

Empire's 100 Sexiest Movie Stars

Let's look at how many of our favorite men are on the list. 

Ranked at no. 38, is our dearest, sassy man, Martin: 

Nevermind the place he's ranked. He is just so smokin' hot, this man. <3 If there's a poll for sassiest man alive, he'll definitely be the champ. xD

Okay, why am I not surprised with this one? That voice, is enough to give fangirls multi-eargasms. His voice is porn: 

And the majestic Richard, of coz'. Just because his Thorin is so majestically sexy.

Aidan Turner, don't we all see so much potential in this one. One day he will not longer be 'wannabe majestic Kili' but someone who is able to stand on his own and be majestic. 

He had caught my eye during my 'obsession' with the Twilight series previously. And now he is the arrogant Elven King, Thranduil. 

Oh, Orlando. The dashing young Elf prince from the LOTR series. And now, we still get to see him in The Hobbit trilogy. We can't ask for more, can we? 

Viggo will always live in our hearts as the dark, brooding, devil-may-care, handsome heir of Isildur, Aragorn. 

Lastly, Karl Urban, from Eomer to Bones in Star Trek. Seen him in another movie recently, really glad he is making a name for himself!

Let's applaud PJ for casting 8 out of Empire magazine's top 50 sexiest men in his Tolkien movies. Genius. View the full list here: 

And I can't wait for the latest issue to hit the stores in Singapore:

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