Tuesday, October 1, 2013

*UPDATED* The wait is finally over.

I'm not exactly sure I am done fangirling over the new Desolation of Smaug trailer yet. I have to share! I call upon all of you to fangirl together!!! 

Before we start, allow me to present you two very adorable introduction from both Martin and Richard:

The way he suck in a deep breath is just too cute! And the combination of that purple checkered jacket and black polo shirt! Martin~!!! I'm worries about him though. He's lost quite a visible bit of weight. >_< 

Behold, everyone, here's the trailer: 

It's friggin' marvelous beyond any words can describe! I won't spoil it for you. Watch it now. In full HD and in fullscreen! The trailer was punctually put up at 9 p.m. Singapore time. A hour earlier, Sir Ian and Orlando had already gone on NBC to introduce the trailer. But I heard it was only 30 seconds long. This two and a half minute one is the REAL deal. 

Some screencaps I made from the trailer. I can't stop rewatching it!

I love this scene: 

'What did you find?'
'My courage.' 'Good, you'll need it.'

You will definitely be seeing alot more actions with Martin's Bilbo in this one. I'm so glad this role came to him. So glad. He is so talented! He deserves an Oscar! Seriously!

Let's not forget about the majestic Thorin: 

Even his escape from Smaug's breath of fire is majestic!!!

Then there is the familiar swiftness of Legolas as he re-sheath his swords:

I hope you have watched the new trailer by the time you scrolled down to the bottom of this post! Because, spoiler up ahead! I'm not gonna to hold back. And I'm serious! I have to say brilliant job on PJ's end! Yes, he showed us Smaug in the teaser trailer but he left the BEST bit for the official trailer - Smaug actually speaks in this one! He was like, 'Don't be shy, step into the light.' They did abit of effect on the voice but you can definitely tell it's Ben's. Which is also part of the reason why Smaug had caused an uproar amongst all Benedict Cumbetbatch fangirls on Twitter. Even better, it's trending worldwide on Twitter:

Some new official pictures released earlier on the official Hobbit website: 

And some new images from the calender: 

Need to go rewatch the trailer for the umpteenth time and fangirl somemore! Be back soon with some gifs! 

I'm back with the gifs! And this is one of the reasons why Martin should get an Oscar for his role as Bilbo. The transition in his emotion is so subtle, yet you can feel how glad he is to find his ring again:

My favorite shot of Bilbo:

Why must it always be spiders? Ron wouldn't approve of this. >_< (Am scared of spiders myself...)

***UPDATE***I actually went and 'verified' with Hayden, Martin's body double for this scene, whether it's all Martin or they asked Hayden to stand in. Here's his answer: 

This guy, I tell you, I'm gonna make him sit down and tell me all about working with Martin on the set of The Hobbit one day, well at least when all the movies are out. To be able to act alongside Martin, is an experience of a lifetime. Seriously. 

Behold, wet nose porn... 

When Bilbo meets Smaug:

And this is how you re-sheath your swords: 

The majestic Thorin, looking, of coz', forever majestic with his flowing long locks: 

Thorin's majestic death stare: 

Oh this scene, so many Thilbo/Bagginshield fanfics are going to be churned out because of this: 

Imagine Thorin saying, 'I know you are going to meet Smaug. But I will not let you.' The look on Bilbo's face, priceless: 

'I will not risk this quest for the life of a burglar.' His precious burglar... 

Smaug's deadly breath of fire~ 

Someone has to do this. Let me be the one of them. =X 

Ohhh the wait for the it... It's going to kill me... T_T I shall leave it as it is. My desk's still a HUGE mess, where I just dropped everything and gaped at the trailer. Nights all! 

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