Thursday, April 25, 2013

I found it!

Okay, it's no big deal but I finally found what that "C" stands for in his name: Martin John C. Freeman. So his full name is actually Martin John Christopher Freeman. I'm just excited. I don't know why... ^^; And you can even find out where he exactly lives in Hertfordshire... The 'power' of Internet... It's scary... -.-'''

I'll just leave it at that, don't wanna be labelled as some irritating stalker fan... Actually, the fact that he resides in Hertfordshire, makes me even want to go study in England... After my diploma, I'm actually eligible to go to the University of Hertfordshite to further my studies... Oh my God... I'd fallen too deep, haven't I?! >_<

I've even started looking up on airfare to England or even New Zealand... Just to catch a glimpse of him... *Sigh* I'm so envious and jealous! Why don't Singapore invites the stars of The Hobbit and have a special premiere too?! T_T