Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Next James Bond?


The question arised somewhere on who can be the next James Bond after Daniel Craig. Amongst the names that came up was Martin Freeman and Tom Hiddleston. As much as I will love to see more of Martin Freeman (God, I just can't get over his face <3), I just can't imagine him piling on weight and working out for a James Bond bod.

Although, I do entertain very much on the fact that he can play James Bond opposite Benedict Cumberbatch who shall play the villian. It'll be all good fun I supposed. =X

On the other hand, I think Martin Freeman will make a very good Johnny English. He will be just soooo cute for the role! xD

P/S: Made these two wallpaper to give a 'feel' on how Martin will look like as either Johnny English or James Bond =X).