Friday, June 21, 2013

Hope Martin Won't Get Blown Away...

It's stormy and rattling, windy times in New Zealand currently. The dwarves have all tweeted about the extreme weather. I'm not too worried about the rest coz' they are either big and strong enough and are wearing weighted costumes. Not too sure about Little Martin though. Hope he hangs on and don't get blown away. =P

But then a fan had spotted Martin in Florida though, not sure how true that is but Amanda did say Martin's away on Middle Earth for 7 weeks. Hmm... 

As long as he is safe and sound. <3

Meanwhile, I am excited about getting my 'claws' on the latest issue of Screen magazine!!! Coz' Martin's on the cover!

It's said to be 'loaded' with photos of Martin for the fans. Will share scans once I get this!