Monday, June 24, 2013

Keep Calm & Sip Tea Like PJ

It's Monday... yet again... Hope everyone had a great weekend~ =) Some round up of updates from the dwarves and PJ over the weekend!

This is a pic I photoshopped, somehow there are fans out there who wants a pic where we can both see Bilbo's as well as Smaug's faces, facing the camera... ^^;

They're currently into week 6 of the pickup filming for The Hobbit according to Graham's Facebook update earlier this morning. The cast and crew has braved Wellington's worst storm. Well, I'm glad that they are safe and sound. I wonder who are the ones who already completed their part in the pick-up shoot and has headed home though. Could Martin be one of them? Hmm... No news from Amanda's side lately...

And, the dwarves has been over at Sydney's Supernova as well:

There seems to be talks of a possibility of an event in Moscow... World premiere of The Desolation of Smaug?!

PJ also posted this pic on Facebook last Saturday, surrounded by dwarves and sipping his cuppa tea calmly. =P

PJ has also held a movie night together with Orlando and Sir Ian on BBC America. =) (Lol, Orlando's expression. xP)

Check out the vid here: 

I hope PJ hasn't forgotten that we are all anxiously waiting for the new video blogs... 

Meanwhile, on the other hand, I have been 'collecting' tweets from the dwarves. So far, I'm 'proud' to say, I've got a tweet back from Jed, Graham, John and my latest addition, Stephen~

Sometimes, I feel strongly that I'm not acting like my age... ^^; Ahem...

Also, I'd been combing every possible inch of the Internet, still so no further sign of Martin at The Roxy event apart from the one Graham tweeted the other day... =(