Thursday, June 13, 2013

Joining in the hype!

After an entire day of joining in the hype for the release of the first trailer of The Desolation of Smaug, I'm back to my blog!

Found this off the Net, doubt it's official poster but a fan-made one. 

Here are some of the reactions posted by the fans on the trailer:

And here's PJ's answer to the fan's reaction video... Featuring Orlando, Lee and Evangeline. Lol. 

Yet, another reaction of Happy Hobbit to Orlando, Lee and Evangeline's reaction to their reaction video. It was all good fun! xD The girl on the right, she just kept going =O (P/S: Seeing Lee and Orlando side by side, I can't get over the fact that Lee is playing Orlando's father in The Hobbit... ^^;)

All three vids are shared and featured on The Hobbit's official movie blog here: 

As well as on PJ's Facebook page: 

Lucky fans there and that's why we love PJ so much! =X

Anyways, in regards to the 'something' I am trying to find out from PJ's daughter, Katie:

Although this is not the answer I expected, but I am still being hopeful. Because, there is simply no way that there won't be any movie premiere at all in New Zealand. I even went and ask John Callen, a.k.a. Oin, on Facebook about this. 

*Sigh* I will rest my case and stop bugging the dwarves and Katie for now. BUT! I'm staying positive and hopeful! I have to say though, this thing has been on my mind so much that I dreamt about it last night. Because, I am also debating whether to visit Matamata's Hobbiton or not. (In my dreams last night, I did went and I love it... ^^;)

Meanwhile, the official Hobbit movie website has taken down the contents of An Unexpected Journey and updated their website contents:-

On the side note, I have been getting more followers on Twitter lately! Whether you find me through this blog or what, thanks! And I absolutely do not mind having more followers. =) One of the more surprising follower yesterday, has to be @SvengaliMovie, the official Twitter page for Svengali movie starring, of coz', our dear Martin. I'm overjoyed!