Saturday, July 27, 2013

First promo picture of Sherlock Series 3 is out

With Martin and Benedict back in UK, the read through for the last episode of Sherlock Season 3 has also been done. Shooting will start next Monday, 29th July 2013, according to Sherlockology.

And time to bring out the props. Here's Mycroft's umbrella!

Here's the first promo picture for Season 3 on the Empire magazine:

There's also a new 2014 Sherlock calendar as well. Here's first look of it: 

The calendars are available for order both at Danilo & Amazon. A note to Singaporeans, I believe we can order it from the local Books Kinokuniya store as they are known to bring in calendars every year:

Unfortunately, there will be no feature of Louise's Molly Hooper due to the following reason: 

And still no definitive air date for Series 3 as of now. My opinion, earliest, it will be in October/November this year. Latest, it will be January next year or even February, till the promotion for The Desolation of Smaug is over for both Martin and Benedict. Yup. 

For more Sherlock news, I will recommend to follow Sherlockology on Twitter or their website. Yup. For now, I will just join the rest of the Sherlockians, trying to content ourselves with the reruns of Sherlock Season 1 & 2 on BBC One, sulk and roll about, waiting in anticipation for Season 3... =/ 

And yes, happy weekend all! I'm catching Wolverine laters! Hope you enjoy yours! 

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