Saturday, July 27, 2013

Contemporary, fresh, easy-going

Have you ever wonder how one will describe Martin's voice? I have. And according to this website who is an artist agency for voice actors, Martin's voice is 'contemporary', 'fresh' and 'easy-going'. That's good to know!

This is the website:

Looks like Martin's got a 'natural' accent as well. Hehe. 

Haven't been able to uncover any new recordings of Martin lately, but just so happen to chance upon this site while trolling the search engine, something which I have not done for quite awhile. They actually have a portfolio of the narrative jobs he had done before. So here they are:

I love the way he say the brand 'Samsung'. So smooth and silky~ I can listen to his voice forever~ 

Amanda's on it as well. Her's is described as: London, Natural, Vibrant and Excellent comedy actress:

And that's alot of accents!

Here's her portfolio:

Let me see if I can find Benedict's next time. =3

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