Monday, July 8, 2013

Who else will Martin go gay for besides Benedict...?

Supposed to wait till I tidy up all the stuff before I make this post but, The Roxy Cinema has just posted up those darn pictures of the Q&A session, so here they are:

There aren't many pictures but better than nothing. Here's one of Martin looking all serious. And yup, he went to the Q&A with Adam Brown. =) 

One lucky fan was sitting right in front of Martin, and she doesn't know it until later. *Am jealous*

That smile...

That perky butt... 

Here are the lucky fans' feedback on the Q&A session. Apart from the part about Martin being a 'tiny' man but I see no negative comments whatsoever. Man, wish I can be there. =/

Pictures are not allowed but if I'm this fan, I'll have snap it secretly anyways. =P

Here's the part of the Q&A where Martin was asked, besides Benedict, who else will he go gay for. Great question. =P

From here on, some fan sightings prior to the Q&A session: 

This guy... His expression is just priceless... Lol... 

As for me, I gotta run for work. I'm waaaaay late. >_< Okay, I'm gone. *Poof!*

*Update* Okay, I am now 'safely' at work, though super late... Another post I found on the Q&A session: 

And also, snippets of the Q&A can be found here:

And also, I realised I 'exposed' quite a number of Twitter/Facebook account names here. Please let me know if it is inappropriate or if you are the owner and do not want to share. Thanks. ^^; 

Meanwhile, let's all look forward to the premiere of The World's End end of this week as well as tonight, if PJ post a new video blog! =))