Thursday, July 25, 2013

Meet the dragon

PJ added two photos into this album called 'Our first look at the Dragon' earlier today. A rather interesting play at words, I must say.

Turns out to be an early model of the next generation of the Red Dragon camera which they have been using to shoot:

With 1 last day left for the pickup shoot, PJ should be able to find some time out to play with this new toy of his. ^^

The Dwarves continue to remain very quiet on Twitter. Not even a single tweet from the Twitter Bunny, Graham. 

But looks like someone's gonna miss the food terribly. Hayden, really? That's all you gonna miss?  =P

And~ That's what being on the set of The Hobbit does to you. They feed you so well that you've gotta go for a detox after that. =X