Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Have you guys tried this new app called 'Snaps'? It's a fun new app which allows you to add and pose with your fave celebs, brands and characters.

And The World's End movie is in it as well! How about a giant Martin in the middle of a zebra crossing for a start? xD

Or Simon's Gary toasting with a pint in your office? 

And yes, you can also put Gollum wherever you want, like on a rooftop. 

There's also other fun characters you can pose with, including Martin's Bilbo! Go check it out here: for both Android and iOS. ^_^

This is probably the only interesting thing that has happened so far, apart from the planning of Martin's birthday project. ^^; But I have a strong feeling that this is the peace and calm before rock and roll! Why, you ask? Coz' of this new cover photo PJ had put up earlier today:

As they are coming towards the end of the pickup shooting, I foresee the Dwarves all tweeting about it this Friday, as well as PJ making a post on Facebook. And I sense a new video blog in the making! Hope to see it next Monday! =))