Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Three more days...

It is counting down 3 more days till the end of the pickup shooting.

It seems like a long time since they went back to New Zealand for pick-up shooting. During the two months' period, they have braved the bad weather and the recent earthquakes. And now, the finishing line almost seems to come too soon as they are only 3 more days away from wrap.

It's all been great fun, following tweets from the Dwarves on location. Not forgetting reading 'between the lines' to find out news about Martin. Hehe~ 

I have to say, the films are definitely one of my main reasons worth living for. Definitely one of those films to watch before you die. I am grateful for all the effort put in and looking forward to seeing the finished 'product' end of this year. ^_^ Great job, guys! You deserve a pat on your backs~ xD And I have a feeling that we will be seeing a new video blog very soon!