Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Operation: Martin's Birthday

Had a pretty special visitor today! Hey Operation: Martin's Birthday, I see you! =) I was thinking of doing something similar awhile back myself but I am more than happy to participate! *_* I'm not sure how to contact you unfortunately. Maybe you can leave a tweet or just a comment at the end of this post. ^_^

Those who will like to participate in this 'operation', check out their site here: =D Also a special thanks to martitsme who recommended my little blog as one of your favourite. Thank you! It's great encouragement for me!

Been a boring day for me. All's been peaceful and quiet~ The Dwarves had a night out last night though, celebrating Royd Tolkien's birthday:

I'll give anything to be able to spend my birthday getting drunk with the Dwarves~ Oh well~ I'll keep dreaming. As for Amanda's side, she has not been tweeting much eversince Martin's return. I imagine them spending quality family time. =) 

Okay, something did happen and it just didn't help make my boring day any better... So I called up Books Kinokuniya to ask for the Benedict & Martin magazine special earlier today, and no, they don't bring it in and neither do they accept orders... T_T I blame those people who placed order and never turn up to pick up their order... *Sigh* Anyways, I'll seek other means to get my paws on it. I'm hopeful for next month's FLIX magazine though. I think that one they do bring in. *Fingers crossed* 

I'm missing Martin already. So here are some pictures which I had not seen before myself... 

Meanwhile, counting down 2 more days till Benedict's birthday, this coming Friday. Japanese fans had already celebrated for him in Japan. But it's kinda creepy though, coz' eating a miniature version of yourself starting with the head... ^^; Anyways, he should be heading back home today. =)

Does Benedict look more tan than usual? Or is it the lighting? Hmm...

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