Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Erm, Sex Farm?

That was the first reaction when I saw the 2 words written on Martin's polaroid. =X Just as I thought the 'hype' is finally dying down for The World's End's NZ Premiere, I'm wrong. Coup De Main magazine is back with a rather awesome interview with Martin and the gang along with polaroids of them with their theme-song written on the polaroid. Just look at Martin! *Fangirl mode on* 

Here's the interview with all the hotties - Martin, Benedict, Richard as well as the funny duo, Simon and Nick. And here are the polaroids with their theme-song title written in their own handwritings:

This is Martin's: 

Spinal Tap is a parody heavy metal band that first appeared on a failed ABC TV sketch comedy pilot called, The T.V. Show, in 1979. Their song genre belongs to psychedelic rock. 

No polaroid for Benedict but at least they 'care'. These two pics are for fans. =X

According to Coup De Main, poor Richard couldn't decide on his theme-song so they let him write "it's blank" instead. ^^; Too shy maybe?

Here are both Simon's and Nick's: 

Pixies' Monkey Gone To Heaven. The Pixies are an American alternative rock band who formed in 1986. 

Is it me or Nick purposely looked blur in this picture? ^^; I like what he wrote though, "And if the people stare, let the people stare..."

Nick's theme-song is Hand In Glove by The Smiths. The Smiths were an English rock band formed in Manchester, 1982. 

The magazine also did another interview with the writers of The World's End, Simon & Edgar:

Snippet from the interview article: 

They also 'related' how they feel about the films in the Cornetto trilogy... through polaroids: 

For Shaun of the Dead

For Hot Fuzz

For The World's End

Really looking forward to see more movies from these two amazing, talented guys in the future! Let there be more trilogies! Maybe, we can try the Magnum trilogy next? =P

Check out Coup De Main's impromptu "The World's End" themed pub quiz with Simon & Edgar: