Thursday, July 18, 2013

PJ talks to the trio of The World's End

PJ just uploaded this video onto his Facebook page a couple of hours ago, where he talks to the trio of The World's End with his usual cup of tea in one hand. Whenever I see the guys look at PJ, it's full of admiration and respect. PJ just gives off this heartwarming, fatherly feel. =) I am really glad that Martin and him came and work together. 

Really hope to see Martin in this video but I bet he's already on a plane home. As for the trio, they should have also left Sydney by now and heading for San Diego:

Beautiful view from both Simon and Nick's room. The pictures are taken from different angles, so I think they are not in the same room... =P

And a magazine with these two on the cover, lucky for which we get this in Singapore! I'm sooo getting my paws on it! Hmm, does Coup De Main magazine has a published copy? Let me go find out. As for the Martin x Benedict Japanese magazine special, I may get it afterall! Thanks to Miyuki-chan! <3 Lotsa love to you, Miyuki! I'm looking forward to it. Stay tune for scans coming up after I receive the magazine. =)

You can also now find all the pub signs from the movie on Peggster's website here:

Ending with a group photo of the cast from the set of Shaun of the Dead, the beginnings of the Cornetto Trilogy: 

I always like to see how Martin is around his friends. The smile is just different. <3