Thursday, July 18, 2013

What have I done? O_O

First of all, I have absolutely no idea, what I have done to 'deserve' this. But then, must be the post I did last night on the Coup De Main magazine's interview at The World's End NZ premiere. 

Yes! Their awesomeness actually tweeted me! And then the conversation went on for awhile... 

Where they introduced me to this other interview they did with Martin or M.Freezy (which a really cute name) last year at the Te Papa Museum:

It's really great coz' I've never seen this video before. The video quality for the other interview I had seen of the Te Papa Museum press conference was certainly not as good as this one. And then, I know it may be a futile attempt but I had to try to ask for them awesomeness for a follow back:

Nope, either they overlook or they 'masterfully' skipped my request. It's okay. They are still awesome and nice people. Hehe. =3

Then the conversation kinda ended here: 

I think they maybe offline or busy with something else now. I hope I did not babble too much. ^^; I will stay hopeful for any reply from them afterwards. In case you haven't check out their website, check it out here for some awesomeness:

With my current experience lately with amazing people, I have to say eversince starting this blog, it has been like going on an adventure. And I am looking forward with anticipation on more possibilities in the future which this 'adventure' will show me to. =) Cheers.