Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy 37th Birthday~!

It's already 19th July 2013, Friday in Singapore. Just thought that I have to do something special for Benedict's 37th birthday. =)

So, I got him his very own, 'I Am Sher-locked' edition, of a living pocket-sized Martin~ 
Happy Birthday, Benedict! Many happy returns! May you also find your own love and happiness soon! ^_^

And let's see if he likes his present...

Looks like he likes it. =P Okay, enough fooling around. Time for bed. Nights! 

*UPDATE* Oh by the way, his fans are also asking fans to donate and raise fund for Myeloma UK:

Fans have already raised over some 171%. The power of Benedict's fans:

If you are interested to donate, you can donate here: =)

As for Martin's side, they are approaching their goal of $1000. I haven't made my donation but I will soon. =) You can donate here for Martin's birthday project: 

Okay, really off to bed now. It's nearly 2 a.m. Sweet dreams, all!