Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rocky Welly

It'd happened again. Wellington is rocked by yet another earthquake of a greater magnitude earlier today.

But the Dwarves have all tweeted about their well-being. Just caused them alittle 'discomfort' that's all. Tough Dwarves, huh? ^^;

Perhaps, Jed's alittle more shaken up:

I've of coz' tweeted my friends in Wellington to show my concern and fortunately for which, no casualty except for a vintage vinegar bottle according to Jed... 

I certainly hope the worse is over! Because it has just been rumble tumble in Wellington recently:

And weather's still bad and freezing according to Graham's reply to this fan from sunny Florida: 

Well, the recent quakes has certainly gotten many fans worried and caught people's attention. Even TORN also sent in their concern from San Diego's Comic-Con:

Other news from the Dwarves' tweets, (Graham's actually, you get alot from him... ^^;) will be a new nickname for Graham, who is now known to fans as the 'Twitter Bunny'. Lol. Probably because he is the only cast member who replies so much to fans on Twitter. ^^;

And there's also a mention of Beorn, played by the towering Swedish actor, Mikael Persbrandt: 

Standing at 6' 2½" (1.89 m), almost as tall as the majestic Richard Armitage, with the piercing blue eyes, I believe he will make a great Beorn: 

I actually saw a picture of him as Beorn previously. Let me see if I can find it... Nope, can't remember where but here's what Martin, PJ and the rest have to say about Mikael:

Meanwhile, the Hobbit may not have the time to attend the Comic-Con this year, but some of the cast members as well as Weta Workshop are certainly there, promoting other projects: 

Sir Ian is there to promote the X-Men, according to reports he flirted with Michael Fassbender... His exact words are:

Lol, just love Sir Ian's great humor! xD View full article here:

Andy is also there to promote Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. And the Dwarves are missing him.

Hmm, so I guess he did not join the guys in New Zealand for the pick up shooting. 

The handsome Elven King, Lee Pace seen here at the panel for Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier:

Last but not least not forgetting Evangeline Lilly, also at the event to promote her children's book: 

Looking forward to December when the 'scattered' Hobbit cast all get together for The Desolation of Smaug. =)