Monday, July 22, 2013

The game is on!

A photo of Martin 'surfaced' yesterday on Twitter. And he's cut his hair! So I guess they are going to start shooting episode 3 of Series 3 pretty soon! 

She claims she's best friends with Martin but I think she's just kidding... ^^; 

No matter what, it's good to see Martin so soon! And in a t-shirt! He seldom wear t-shirts like this. =3 And my friend's picture with Martin at The World's End's NZ premiere is out~ Lucky her~ That's a great shot of Martin! <3

Other than this, thanks to my other friend, who is a Japanese, I am finally getting my paws on this magazine~~~ 

A pic of the inside of the magazine: 

According to my friend, there isn't much of Martin and that's a mini calendar of Martin on the right by the way. No matter, just seeing these pics which I have not seen of Martin, it's good enough~ Can't wait! xD I will scan and share when I receive it. =) 

Moving on to Middle Earth, according to our Twitter Bunny, Graham, all's been quiet:

It's the last week of pickup shooting for the Dwarves, and hopefully we will see a new video blog very soon, say tonight. xP Have a great day ahead, everyone! ^_^