Saturday, July 20, 2013

A wish came true!

Awesome profile pic © Hayden J. Weal w/ a slight touch of photoshop from me. =P

I took a rather 'daring' step to ask Hayden to follow me on Twitter last night. As it was already late, I didn't get an immediate response. (It's a 4 hours difference between Singapore and Wellington you see.)

It all began with this lovely tweet he replied to me after I expressed my concern in regards to the earthquake in Wellington yesterday and retweeted a Twitter chain-tweet-thingy to him:

And then he replied me this tweet with this uber adorable pic of him: 

Isn't he the loveliest and cutest?! I've never have anyone tweet a selfie back to me in reply. 

He first caught my eye with this pic of Martin and him in front of The Embassy Theatre few weeks back: 

Then upon further 'research', I found out Hayden's actually Bilbo's body double in The Hobbit: 

And an actor in NZ's local TV series, Girl vs. Boy:

And his Twitter's profile pic certainly caught my eye as well. So I started following him, adding his tweets to favorite, occasionally reply to his tweets, etc. And him, adding my tweets to him in return and also reply to my tweets to him from time to time. From the few weeks of doing that, I observed that Hayden is an easy-going, adorable and fun guy. 

So I told myself to keep calm and hope to become friends with him. After the selfie he tweeted in reply to me, I finally worked up the courage:

As you can see, I'm one follower short to 200. I didn't get an immediate response as it was already quite late in Wellington, so I figured he must be already in bed. Someone did see my request almost immediately, but she misunderstood what I meant but anyways, she is now gladly my 200th follower on Twitter. =) I have to tell you though, asking a star to follow you back is like confessing your love to your crush... Your stomach have that butterfly feeling and your heart's racing. @_@

And this is what I woke up to this morning in my Gmail notification: 

And this: 

He really, really made my day! Seriously! Know how I was sick the past 2 days? This literally, 'cured' me and certainly cleared the 'cloud' that has also been clouding my mind as well. Now I am back with a clearer mind and more ideas to write for my blog! If you ever read this, Hayden, thank you for following! You are like a genie who has made my wish come true! And just in case you wanna know, I've never seen you as Bilbo's body double but a really fun guy that I will love to make friends with. ^_^ Next up, hope to visit him along with my other friends in Wellington come December! Cheers! Happy weekend!!!

Btw, you can catch Girls vs Boys on demand here: