Friday, July 19, 2013

Earthquake Hits Wellington

A earthquake with the scale of 5.7 shook Wellington earlier this morning. Fans are all worried for the Dwarves. 

Fortunately, they are all safe and sound...

At least they still have the mood to joke about it. ^^; 

And look, a Lego Dwalin made it to Comic-Con afterall! Really wish to see Martin and the rest at the Comic-Con for The Hobbit panel. =/ It's a shame but we understand, PJ! One more week left! Charge on, guys!!!

Not forgetting my friends over in Wellington as well, shook them up alittle but all is well. Whew. Meanwhile, this is the second day which I have been home sick. My brain is just kinda blank. Can't think of anything interesting to write. Anyways, my blog's pageview's has more or less went back to 'normal' and is coming on to 8000. Thanks guys for the support! =))