Thursday, August 1, 2013

Have you voted?

Okay, I'm alittle late on this one. But have you guys voted for our Martin? If you haven't, please do so! \(^_^)/

Start for voting for BBC America's Anglo Fan Favorites Tournament, Men of 2013 now!!!

Martin is currently on the lead at 87.07% votes:

You can also vote for Benedict and Richard as well. Man, that's a tough choice!

The number of votes which both of them gotten, seems to be pretty close! It's Cumberbabes vs Armitage Army showdown!!!

There's also Sir Ian as well. It's 2 Sirs versus each other, a 'battle' between Magneto and Professor X!

Funny man Simon Pegg:

He's got a 'affectionate' new nickname for Martin... Again... Watson the hobbit... Lol... : 

Jim Moriarty. The votes are pretty close for these two!

Master of Laketown - Mr. Stephen Fry vs Hugh Laurie:

Check out the entire list and more hotties to vote for here: 

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