Thursday, August 1, 2013

They started early today...

They have started filming early today! Word has it that they will be filming till 7 p.m. tonight (UK time) which is like 2 a.m. in Singapore? Damn... Going to be staying up again... -.-''' And Martin is on location!

NOTE: Also consist pictures from other fans who have arrived after. Again, I did not take these pictures, they are consolidated from lucky fans who visited the shooting location today.  

As usual, I will continue updating as the pictures show up! Some of the photos is credited to @LynneEss who is on location right now and before the crew:

And the location for today's shoot is near Cardiff Bay, Bute Street:

The set: 

The crew setting up the set:

They say Martin is in this picture! Can you spot him...? I can't... =/ They say he is in his usual Watson black jacket. I need a more close-up pic of Martin!!!

Ladies & gentlemen, our dearest Martin!!!

OMG! Special thanks to @Mugim0e! Lovely pics of Martin~ 

That lovely smile... Omg~ <3

I wonder who's that behind the door in the hoodie!

The smoke:

The double on standby: 

The rest are pretty much similar. You can check it out here: 

More photos from another nice fan. I'm actually on my way to work now and updating this on my phone. Feeling alittle handicapped here. I'll credit later when I reach work shortly. Sorry!!

The wonderful photos above are all courtesy of Miss Abbie @

Martin leaving the set! 

And looks like Amanda can't wait to get into 'action' this coming Saturday as well:

Benedict just came on set in a hoodie!

And I think both Martin and Benedict has just been chauffeured away from Bute Street probably to lunch?

They are still on location at Old Welsh Opera site off Bute St. And Rupert Graves has also arrived:

Benedict looks abit pissed here coz' he told the person not to take pictures but he took them anyways...

Benedict in his Sherlock suit, shooting a different scene. 

So is sweet Molly!

The back of Mark Gatiss~ Lovely and nice Mark:

Credit: @colseywolsey

And they have to shift the filming inside at this moment... 

Some minor spoilers on the scene they are filming: 

Not a good time start all this fandom excitement. Not when I'm at work especially... But I'll try my best to follow it and update this post! =) 2 hours till the 4th clue is revealed!

*UPDATE* Here's the 4th clue:

Does it means that Moriarty may not be dead?!

Apparently, someone's got some massive spoilers on this episode and is sharing via DM only on Twitter. Not getting involved in this one. But it seems to be lotsa action for Martin's John, that calls for the use of a body double.

Ok, can't unsee this one:

In my view, John already got married to Mary. Kinda unlikely for him to go back to the army. Unless of coz', it's like special recall for a mission or something. Otherwise, it may be he is facing an old enemy from his time as a soldier.

Looks like more filming on Bute Street for Friday!

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