Monday, August 26, 2013

Setlock - August 25

I was hoping to turn in early today. It's the Monday blues... =/ It's turning my brain into marsh... Can't think of a better post title so decided to go with something simple and straightforward. ^^;

According to the 'news' that I got earlier today, setlock is back in Cardiff today. Speaking of the location, something happened last night and it just made my blood boils!

Apparently, a setlock regular, who was already on filming location, yet she still retweeted a tweet which passed on the wrong information! Argh! Made a buncha poor fans ran around London at night! How can someone be so selfish??? 

*Sigh* Anyways, here are the pictures from yesterday's setlock. They are mostly pictures where the scene was based in a cab with Benny in it:

And a pic of Martin in pink pants, walking with the swag. =X

A few more pics from last Wednesday, yes they are still surfacing. They just keep getting better and better! 

Is Martin POKING Benny? Awww~ 

I love seeing the both of them together~ So sweeetttt~ <3

Aww, that's a great angle:

Amanda with a fan: 

And came across some really nice new pics of Martin~ Looks like he is out shopping again! How can he look so droolsome even when it's just pictures of him trying on the clothes? >_< 

The one in blue is my favorite but how come Martin looks so thin... *Concern*

Anyways, the brand is Gibson from London. You can find their Facebook page here: 

A picture of their shop: 

It almost seems like Martin's own wardrobe, don't you agree? =X It's just totally his style. 

Ending here with a screenshot of Amanda's current Twitter profile. Aww.... 

We loves us some Martin too. <3 

On another note, what's it been like? Over a month since the last video blog? =/ If Sherlock is to finish filming on Sept 1st, which I heard, maybe we will get to see a new video blog from PJ? >_< 

Well, for now, I guess I gotta content myself with the old video blogs once again... Oh well, time to go to bed for me! Nights~ =) 

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