Saturday, April 27, 2013

Can't Get Enough...

God, I can't get enough of Martin Freeman! What should I do?!

Allow me to 'quote' Sherlock from Sherlock Series 2 Episode 2: The Hounds of Baskersville, 'I need some! Get me some (more of Martin Freeman!)'

Besides my little '2-hour alone' time with him every night rewatching his interviews on Youtube, googling pictures of him and I even resorted to 'spotting' him in the background of The Hobbit's video blogs to 'satisfy' my need of getting more of him. (It's kinda sad that there aren't too many 'him-only' shots in the video blogs) It's just not enough!! I can literally, just listen to his voice and go to sleep. (Not that his voice is making me sleepy.)

(I didn't make this but this represents exactly what I have been feeling lately... I need to get my hands on the movie 'Nativity', think I may order it off Amazon or eBay...)
Besides this, I'm glad for the 'love' shown for my meme of Martin Freeman on 9gag. 69 smileys + 17 shares on Facebook, I'm happy enough. =X

Anyways, I'll be going to catch Iron Man 3 laters in the theatres. That should take my mind off him for awhile. =/

Hopefully, next Monday, I will have made something new to post. I have been wanting to draw Martin, make wallpapers of him, make a 3D version of him and even a video 'tribute'. We'll see.

Okay, I shall get back to my video blogs.

And oh, I also made some of 'em hedgehog pics with Martin's faces. Find them after the jump. :)