Thursday, October 24, 2013

And this is why I love you, Martin

I have been trying to stay away from all spoilers from The Hobbit's extended edition. When these pictures of Martin started surfacing, I just can't resist it. Thank you for reminding me why we love you in the first place. <3 

If you love Martin, like I do, you won't find the following pictures offensive. =X It's nothing but cuteness. I see it as Martin's way of saying 'I love you'. 

Let us start with the man looking sassy - as always. Like a boss. <3 

Here we go~ 

According to Hayden, Martin does that all the time on set... Lol... 

Nice... Really nice... xD 

From here onward, a few more slightly more 'decent' pics from behind the scenes. Doesn't he look the cutest with those Hobbit ears on~ xD

I don't even wanna know what they are doing... 

Erm, the seduction of Smaug? =X

Ending here of coz' with another nice shot of Martin's middle finger. xDD

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