Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dean O'Gorman vs Robert Kazinsky

With Martin safely back home, this blog's taking a 'break' as well. Today, let's take a look at one half of the Dwarf 'boyband', Fili. Now, we know that Robert Kazinsky was Fili for a very very short time before he quit from The Hobbit. Well, I had a chance to see him on the big screen last Saturday in Pacific Rim. I can't help but wonder, how he will be received if he did took on the role of Fili instead of Dean O'Gorman.

Before we start, let me state for the record that, I am not saying who could have done a better job as Fili. We're just taking a look at the both of them. ^^; 


Dean O'Gorman is born in December 1 1976, Auckland, New Zealand. That makes him, wow, 37 this year! Okay, it's news to me coz' I always thought he's around Aidan Turner's age who is in his early 30s, given his boyish looks and small stature. 

Robert Kazinsky is born in November 18 1983, Cuckfield, Sussex, England, UK. And he is 30 this year and the same age as Aidan. 


Standing slightly taller than Martin, Dean's height is 173cm. While he is smaller in size as compared to Robert, he do have some lean muscles.

For Robert, he stands 184 cm which like Richard, is pretty tall for a Dwarf. 

About 10 cm taller than Dean, also bigger in size and more muscular. 


Something that they both have in common, is their smile. 

And also Dean certainly looks more approachable and friendly enough when he doesn't smile. 

I can't say the same for Robert though who doesn't look as approachable when he is not smiling. ^^; He does have kissable lips though. =X

But I'm very sure he is a nice guy. =)

The Dynamic Duo

Seriously though, I have gotten so used to Dean standing beside Aidan: 

It could have been Robert: 

As Fili

Conclusion, I will say both Dean and Robert have something in common. I think it's the overall feel. 

I should also mention that this post is 'triggered' by an article from TORN:

In which they said there's a 'half-glance' of Robert Kazinsky as Fili mostly hidden in shadows in Bag End. Sure looks like him to me: 

It's a shame Robert can't stay on as part of the big Hobbit family. He definitely has the talents and the right accent (?) to play a great Dwarf but I am sure he has many great film project ahead of him such as Pacific Rim. For those who has not watch it. Please do! If my boyfriend doesn't fall asleep at all during a movie, it means it's good. =X Guillermo Del Toro is a true genius. I can't help but wonder how The Hobbit will turn out if he is remain as the director. 

Pacific Rim set in the year 2020, which 7 years from where we are now. Technology has advanced but not to the extreme 'sci-fi' stage, I will say. It's more like the Real Steel kind of technology used, where you still need humans to control the robots, unlike other movies like A.I. It's like Gundam + Ultraman + Ghost in the Shell meets Godzilla. It's really entertaining. And please stay till the end, as there's still alittle 'something something'. =3