Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I have been making lotsa new friends lately on Twitter. And I am very glad that I know them! At least now I have someone to chat to. ^^ I was chatting to her about the release of a Martin Freeman Special on FLIX magazine when she brought me to the attention of this!!!

It's a Martin and Benedict Special Issue on the Movie Star Japanese magazine. And it's coming out 2 days laterrrrrrr!!! Omg! I need to get my paws on this! >_< But first, money! I need money~~~ Oh, you can pre-order it here: 

And for those who wanna check out the complete STID Tokyo press conference Bene-san, check it out here: 

Anddd that's why I loveeeee Japan~ Signing off for now! And I've added a new chat widget to my blog's side bar. Don't be shy! Join in the chat! =)