Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Keep Calm Cos It's Martin Freeman!

I managed to 'dig' up some 'precioussss' pics of Martin from Photobucket. 'Precioussss' as in when I enter his name and search under Google Image, you don't see them much, only a selected few. ^^; Am glad I found them! Hehe~ More after the jump. Enjoy! :)

Monday, April 29, 2013

Martin Freeman on DeviantArt

Ventured over to DeviantArt this time. Been a member myself for like the past 7 years. Anyways, here are some awesome goodies I found on Martin. <3

I especially love the feel of this digital painting. Knowing how it is to see people take your stuff and put on their websites, I actually linked the pictures back to the original DeviantArt page of the owner. Do support them! :) Off I go to bed now, nights!

小自由 a.k.a. 'Little Freedom'

Found myself 'venturing' over to the Chinese search engine 'Sogou' to look for more pics of Martin Freeman. Funny to see the nicknames his Chinese fans dubbed him.

They gave him quite a cute nick - 小自由 which literally means 'Little Freedom', I assume is due to his last name 'Freeman'. Other than this, is the nick - 潮爷 ('Fashionable Sir'). This is rather cool too, meaning people out there appreciates Martin's sense of fashion (like I do =)).

Anyways, after the jump are some of the pics I came across while 'venturing' over to the Chinese search engine. They basically lit up my Monday morning. Hope they lit up yours too. ^_~

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Can't Get Enough...

God, I can't get enough of Martin Freeman! What should I do?!

Allow me to 'quote' Sherlock from Sherlock Series 2 Episode 2: The Hounds of Baskersville, 'I need some! Get me some (more of Martin Freeman!)'

Besides my little '2-hour alone' time with him every night rewatching his interviews on Youtube, googling pictures of him and I even resorted to 'spotting' him in the background of The Hobbit's video blogs to 'satisfy' my need of getting more of him. (It's kinda sad that there aren't too many 'him-only' shots in the video blogs) It's just not enough!! I can literally, just listen to his voice and go to sleep. (Not that his voice is making me sleepy.)

(I didn't make this but this represents exactly what I have been feeling lately... I need to get my hands on the movie 'Nativity', think I may order it off Amazon or eBay...)
Besides this, I'm glad for the 'love' shown for my meme of Martin Freeman on 9gag. 69 smileys + 17 shares on Facebook, I'm happy enough. =X

Anyways, I'll be going to catch Iron Man 3 laters in the theatres. That should take my mind off him for awhile. =/

Hopefully, next Monday, I will have made something new to post. I have been wanting to draw Martin, make wallpapers of him, make a 3D version of him and even a video 'tribute'. We'll see.

Okay, I shall get back to my video blogs.

And oh, I also made some of 'em hedgehog pics with Martin's faces. Find them after the jump. :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Made This...

Made this before I go sleep~ Hehe~ Nights all! =X

P/S: Till now no one had ever commented on my blog or followed me whatsoever. But I will like to think there's someone out there reading my blog. Well, I hope whoever you are, enjoys it. ;)

I found it!

Okay, it's no big deal but I finally found what that "C" stands for in his name: Martin John C. Freeman. So his full name is actually Martin John Christopher Freeman. I'm just excited. I don't know why... ^^; And you can even find out where he exactly lives in Hertfordshire... The 'power' of Internet... It's scary... -.-'''

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Next James Bond?


The question arised somewhere on who can be the next James Bond after Daniel Craig. Amongst the names that came up was Martin Freeman and Tom Hiddleston. As much as I will love to see more of Martin Freeman (God, I just can't get over his face <3), I just can't imagine him piling on weight and working out for a James Bond bod.

The Martin Freeman Handbook

Came across this other day, am debating whether or not should I get this...

At my current level of 'obsessive relationship' with him, I should... =X

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sherlock Wallpaper

Okay, last post before I go sleep. Some Sherlock wallpapers I made. I wish one day they can make one where Sherlock and Watson goes back to the original 'time period' of Sherlock Holmes. I will love to see Martin Freeman dressed like that with the top hat and cane and all~ *_*

The Full A to B... (Some gifs I made =3)


I had ventured to other search engines...

I had ventured to other search engines in search of more images of Martin Freeman. Here they are:-

Monday, April 22, 2013


Testing out on gif making. Hehe, please go easy on me... My photoshop's gif skill's alittle rusty... ^^;

Random Pic Dump (Of coz', it's Martin Freeman related)

Sir Ian McKellen and Martin Freeman

Lol... From the looks of it, the one on the left is Sir Ian McKellen, Martin Freeman in the centre, butt being 'groped' by Andy Serkis on the right. =X Love this pic. 

The Hobbit cast with Anderson Cooper. Will love to watch the entire interview in HD but so far, I had found none... Anyone out there care to share if you have the source to the interview in HD? Thanks in advance! >_<

The New Sexy - All Things British

I've been only watching nothing but Martin Freeman's interviews on Youtube, Sherlock and The Hobbit only so far for the whole of April. I've to say that the way Martin Freeman gestures and talks, the British accent, is starting to rub off on me. Such that every now and then, I'll blurt out a single 'British-accent' word... -.-''' Haha...

Anyways, the name 'Martin', being sassy and the British accent, are the New Sexy for me. I mean I've always 'appreciated' the faces of several British actors (in no particular order, maybe there is a particular order after all, since Martin Freeman is placed as the first one. =X):-

Martin Freeman

I've never really came across another 'Martin' as special as Martin Freeman. Not in real life and not in the entertainment industry. (Well, erm, Ricky Martin don't count.) He just got such a likeable cute and round face that I will love to pinch (one day if I have the chance). His sense of humour, 'sassy-tude' and the way he laughs and dresses. Absolutely a great actor who is able to make the audiences like him immediately. I once saw a comment on one of his Youtube video that he looks "both old and young at the same time". I guess that is his own unique charm. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Not 'Spposed To Be Blogging...

'Spposed to be mugging for my QA exams tonight, having woke up at 7+ in the morning, ended up lying in bed and watching repeated interviews of Martin Freeman on Youtube. Finally got down to studying at around 10ish. Taking down notes and fighting the urge to fall back into the 'Martin Freeman world of interviews' again...

Oh well, f*** it, here I am, couldn't resist posting something... taking a break from studying. =P

Friday, April 19, 2013

Been 'Trolling' the Japanese Websites...

I love how Japan's movie posters are always more 'interesting'. 

50 Faces of Martin Freeman - The Hobbit Version

I was telling myself how I should go sleep early for a change last night instead of sleeping at 2a.m. in the morning for everyday this week, indulging myself in rewatching the interviews of Martin Freeman and The Office bloopers over and over again on Youtube.

I ended up enjoying myself taking screenshots of Martin Freeman's faces in The Hobbit and making them into some sort of a consolidated 'banner' thingy. I have no regrets and for the record, I did sleep 15 mins earlier only to overslept an hour later for work this morning... ~_~'''

Anyways, while making the banner, I saw some hints of the younger version of Martin Freeman in his Tim Cantebury days in some of the faces. <3 them. Shall try my hands on some gifs later on when I have time. I have 2 important upcoming exams this weekend and I have not studied anything at all...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

No Kidding?!

I'm posting this from work. I had been loitering and rolling about too much in Youtube lately that I decided to update my profile picture. This is the message I got from them:

Whaddya mean "There doesn't seem to have a face in it."?! Can't you see that cute face?!

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Martin Freeman on Urban Dictionary

Found this by 'accident'...

Seriously? -.-''' Lol...

How Did It All Started?

Hmm, let's see. It began with watching The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey for the first time. I have always been a fan of the Lord of The Rings series (my favorite back then was Legolas *Winks*). When I heard that Peter Jackson decided to make The Hobbit after all, I was of course overjoyed. But unlike any ordinary fan, I did not follow the production blog whatsoever. Let alone going to find out who the casts were.


So, I had created this blog for at least five years now and this is the first time I'm writing in it. The reason why this post is titled 'Pilot' is because taking example from American TV series, their very first episode of the season are also titled 'Pilot'. I never really look up on the true reason behind this but my own belief is that it is to hope the series take flight and fly smoothly. Thus, I wish the same with this blog. One of the main reason why I came back to this blog is because I can't seem to figure out Tumblr and I'm in need of a place to 'vent' my affections for Martin Freeman - my new found 'interest'.

There will be posts on Martin Freeman, no doubt and also random posts about stuff amongst other stuff. I hope to make some friend who share the same interest as me and I certainly hope there will be someone who find my posts enjoyable. =D