Monday, April 22, 2013

The New Sexy - All Things British

I've been only watching nothing but Martin Freeman's interviews on Youtube, Sherlock and The Hobbit only so far for the whole of April. I've to say that the way Martin Freeman gestures and talks, the British accent, is starting to rub off on me. Such that every now and then, I'll blurt out a single 'British-accent' word... -.-''' Haha...

Anyways, the name 'Martin', being sassy and the British accent, are the New Sexy for me. I mean I've always 'appreciated' the faces of several British actors (in no particular order, maybe there is a particular order after all, since Martin Freeman is placed as the first one. =X):-

Martin Freeman

I've never really came across another 'Martin' as special as Martin Freeman. Not in real life and not in the entertainment industry. (Well, erm, Ricky Martin don't count.) He just got such a likeable cute and round face that I will love to pinch (one day if I have the chance). His sense of humour, 'sassy-tude' and the way he laughs and dresses. Absolutely a great actor who is able to make the audiences like him immediately. I once saw a comment on one of his Youtube video that he looks "both old and young at the same time". I guess that is his own unique charm. 

Benedict Cumberbatch 

Being the other half of the 'equation' that made the Sherlock series so enjoyable. He looked 'weird' to me at first but as I watched on, he's oozing a considerable amount of charm and sexiness. A talented actor as well. I've even decided to go watch him in Star Trek: Into The Darkness coz' of him. (Me never being a Star Trek fan). Like Martin Freeman, when I observed the way he acts in Sherlock, there was some sort of boyish charm in him as well. I guess it's a thing with guys - no matter how old you are, you can still act like a boy. I will love to see him in more movies to come in the future as well. 

Orlando Bloom

First introduced as the pretty elf, Legolas in LOTR. Love the way his eyes crinkled when he smiles~ <3

Luke Evans

He reminds me of Orlando Bloom somehow. The curly hair, the nose and the eyes - I think they can pass for brothers. 

James McAvoy

(This one of him from Penelope reminds me of the younger Martin Freeman from The Office days. I think it's the boyish charm. <3)

On the side note, if you ask me, I think he and Christina Ricci made an unlikely pair in Penelope... I've followed him since his days in Band of Brothers, to Penelope, Wanted and finally X-Men: First-Class

Saw him in the latest film Trance as well. May go check it out. :)

Robert Pattinson

Was crazy about him when the Twilight series first came out. He certainly's got the 'potential' and I'm excited to see more of his work in the future. 

Tom Hardy

Another one whom I followed his career since his days in Band of Brothers. I remembered how young-ish he looked back then, showing his nekkid butt at the camera. =X

Stephen Moyer

Sometimes, I think it's coz' of my age. As I age, I find myself being attracted to older man. Stephen Moyer has became one of them 'charm-oozing' older man, during the time when I first watched True Blood

Michael Fassbender

He is also spotted in Band of Brothers some years back. Recently, we started seeing him in X-Men: First Class alongside James McAvoy, then Prometheus.

Christian Bale 

For his charm and amazing acting skills. The ability to adapt different accent for different roles. 

Gary Oldman

Another seriously talented actor. First noticed him as Sirius Black in the Harry Potter series. 

Then his role as Commissioner Gordon in The Dark Knight series. 

Stephen Fry

For his witty and funny personality. First seen him in the US TV series Bones as Dr. Gordon Wyatt. He's just so cool and hilarious at the same time~